Report Aggressive Drivers With The Colorado Bicyclist Hotline

Did you know that the Colorado State Police have a hotline for bicyclists to report aggressive driving if they see a motorist putting a bicyclist at risk?
The phone number is Star CSP (*277) when dialed from a mobile phone. Thanks to a State Patrol partnership with mobile phone companies calls to this hotline are free.
This is not like a normal phone number; you do not need to dial an area code. Simply press the * key (usually the lowest left key on a phone pad) and then 277. This number only works on mobile phones. If you are calling from a non-mobile phone dial 303-239-4501 or any State Patrol Communication Center.
When dialing Star CSP bicyclists should be prepared to communicate:

  • Vehicle license plate number – this is mandatory
  • Location and direction of travel
  • Vehicle and driver description, if possible
  • The aggressive driving behavior being demonstrated

The license plate number is the key. This allows the State Patrol to identify the vehicle owner’s name, driving record, and address. Without the license plate number, identifying the vehicle is impossible.
According to the State Patrol website, the information is entered into an aggressive driver database and police will send a warning letter after receiving three complaints. If the State Patrol receives additional complaints they send a trooper to make personal contact with the registered owner of the vehicle to take appropriate enforcement action.
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  1. Hello,
    Is cursing at a cyclicst considered a hostile act or aggressive behavior by a motorist? I am not a lawyer, but aren’t interactions betweem citizens involving verbal threats be construed as assault in some circumstances? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

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