Good times at Interbike

Our Shop Manager Justin had a grand time at Interbike over the last few days. A couple of pictures he kindly sent back…
Boonen hat
Yeah autographed SRAM gear!
Justin looking awfully happy with the autographer, Mr. Tom Boonen (we hear they’re on a first name basis now).
With Nelson Vails! Awesome!


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  1. I like hats. I especially like cycling-related hats. I especially like FREE cycling related hats. So you know I wasn’t gonna pass up any hat-swag at Interbike! And if those hats happened to be signed by cycling legends, then . . . well, you get the idea. (It’s harder to see, but Mr. Vails did indeed sign the red cycling cap I’m wearing in the picture).
    As many of you may know, Tom Boonen is a world-class professional rider. He was very indulgent of and friendly to the hoards of folks clammoring to meet him.
    Probably fewer people (at least people my age or younger) recognize the name Nelson Vails, but he is also a huge star in the cycling world. An accomplished road racer and Olympic-medalist track rider, the now-retired Mr. Vails was also very excited about meeting the endless stream of fans visiting him, and even encouraged me to post this picture online (Thanks Dondi!). I’ve gotta say, Mr Vails was looking fit – if you’d told me he had won an Olympic medal last week, rather than two decades ago, I wouldn’t have questioned you!
    Thanks to both Nelson Vails and Tom Boonen!

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