The Sweetest Ride in Town

Is at the Co-op, with your name on it. . . The sweetest ride, that is. Here’s how you get your hands on that bike:
Come to the Bike Co-op for our Bike Sale Extravaganza this Saturday. Project bikes (the one with your name on it) will sell from $50 to $150 more or less. Find that bike, make sure the color is your color and the size is yours. We’ll double check to be sure the frame isn’t bent, we’ll price it for you and it’s yours to fix up as the sweetest ride in down (you have to find the cow somewhere else!)
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Not a bike mechanic? Can’t fix that bike? That’s what’s so great about the Bike Co-op! Come in during open shop hours:
Sunday 12 – 6 p.m
Wednesday 2 – 5 p.m.
Friday 2 – 5 p.m.
(Come in early and try to be first in line!)
We’ll pair you up with one of our velonteer mechanics who will:
1) Work with you on a complete diagnosis of what needs fixin’;
2) Go over the quick fix details right now and start helping YOU to fix’em;
3) Work into the bigger issues and show you how to fix those as well.
What you pay:
$5/hour for the best open bike shop access in town (including tools, consumables and advice/tech mentoring)
$5, $10 and $15 for parts(as an example) depending on the age, condition and value of used parts (used/patched tubes, for example are $1-2 dollars; two good used tires might cost you $5-10; pedals $3-5; a nice new/used saddle $7; and a rear rack $15)
What you get:
Access to every bike tool you can think of including wheel and frame tools, power tools, drill press,etc.
Access to the largest stock of used parts this side of the front range at bargain basement prices;
Access to industrial parts washer
Access to new parts at comrade prices; some in stock,( basics) others we can order as you need them.
A road ready bike and a bunch of new-found knowledge to go with it!
Saturday, August 21st 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We’ll be there selling bikes, parts, frames, forks, pedals. . . . for the sweetest ride in town!
(Oh yeah, did we mention? We sell dial-to-fit helmets for $10 US! That’s right – or bring the family and we’ll let you have 3 helmets for $25!)

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