Front Desk Representative

Position Overview:

Since its inception in 2003, the Fort Collins Bike Cooperative (FCBC) has helped thousands of people in the community learn to maintain and repair their own bicycles. Our mission is to build community through bicycling and to keep our community riding, including those who can’t afford to buy a bike.  We work to educate our neighbors in all things bike-related including bicycle maintenance, bicycle education, and safety. We serve as a resource for the community, providing a safe and fun place to get involved in cycling, learn about bicycle mechanics, and meet other-like minded people. 

The Front Desk Representative (Rep) will be the first point of contact between customers and the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. S/he must be able to assess each customer’s situation and needs, and present a clear description of how the FCBC operates. 

This is a permanent, year-round, part-time position with hourly pay.

Required availability:

The Fort Collins Bike Co-op (FCBC) is currently open to the public Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday from 2 – 5PM. The Front Desk representative should be available to work every day the FCBC is open. Some schedule flexibility may be agreed upon with the Board of Directors and the Shop Manager. The Front Desk Representative should expect to arrive 15 minutes before each shift and stay 30 minutes after close; total hours will be approximately 15-20 per week.

Once the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, the Bike Co-op’s Sunday hours will be expanded to 12-6pm; the Rep must be available for these expanded hours when the time comes. 


  • Promote and support the mission and policies of the FCBC.
  • Work as a team with the Shop Manager and all volunteers
  • Direct customers to parts, bikes, accessories, etc.
  • Assess customer needs and suggest proper courses of action.
  • Pair customers with mechanics, and keep accurate logs of such.
  • Operate the cash register.
  • Complete EAB forms, verify EAB hours, etc.
  • Assist in volunteer coordination, assign “work it off” tasks for customers, and “slow time” tasks for volunteer Reps.
  • Assist with accepting, logging and organizing donations.
  • Assist in administrative areas of The Bike Retrieval Squad, ie. logging bikes and searching the database.


  • A pleasant personality and a patient demeanor.
  • Ability to understand customers’ issues and share possible solutions. 
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Dedication to the FCBC mission.
  • Some experience working on and with bicycles. As this is not a mechanic position, the Rep doesn’t have to know bikes inside and out. However, the Rep should be able to assess common bicycle issues in order to accurately anticipate time and cost of repairs.
  • Ability to perform simple fixes, such as changing tubes or making minor brake adjustments.
  • Working knowledge of common computer applications, register and payment system.
  • This position will require regular sitting, standing, kneeling and bending.
  • Ability to lift up to 30 pounds, possibly overhead, on an as-needed, irregular basis (lifting bicycles and various bicycle components onto and off of racks, bins, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Current volunteer with the FCBC
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English

Applicants who speak Spanish fluently will be considered for the Latinx Program Coordinator position. The Latinx Program Coordinator will perform all duties listed above for the Front Desk Representative in both Spanish and English as necessary.

The Latinx Program Coordinator will also have the opportunity to develop Spanish language projects, which may include translation of FCBC materials, teaching bilingual mechanic classes, and performing community outreach. They will be allotted additional hours each week to focus on these goals (exact amount TBD). 


$15 per hour and up depending on qualifications  (Spanish speaking $16 per hour and up)

How To Apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to the FCBC Management ( Be sure to mention any previous involvement with the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. 

Applications are currently being accepted