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We have multiple programs going on at the Co-op. Please contact the program coordinator here to get involved.


The Fort Collins Bike Co-op relies on volunteers and a few part-time staff to run our programs. Volunteers help our community realize its true biking potential.

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Whole bikes, partial bikes, working bikes, broken bikes, old and new parts, tools, single parts, basically anything bike related.

We Appreciate Your Help

In order to continue to provide low-cost and free services to the community, we rely on your generous donations.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Building Community Through Bicycling

We started in a garage back in 2003. It's been quite a journey since those days...

Since its inception,

the Bike Co-op has kept thousands of bikes out of the landfill and helped hundreds of people in the community learn to maintain and repair their own bikes. In addition the Co-op has donated bicycles to socially and financially challenged individuals and families through several city, county, and private agencies. Today, our volunteer run, community owned bicycle shop still holds close the same ideals and philosophy that gave birth to the project; “To create a space where people from all walks of life can learn a valuable skill in a fun, safe and embracing environment, a place where nothing is wasted and everything is for everyone.”