Help Wanted! Help Wanted!

Here's a list of the multiple programs going on at the Co-op. Please contact the program coordinator if you would like to get involved.


Open Shop

Come work on your bike in our shop with the assistance of one of our mechnics.

Retail Store

The Co-op sells refurbished bikes, as is bikes, bike parts, helmets, shirts, lights, etc.


If you want to learn more about your bicycle, or how to safely ride it, we have classes for that.


Our most popular program, Earn-a-bike is just like it sounds.

Stolen and Found/Abandoned Bikes

Through a partnership with the city, the Co-op recovers all lost and abandoned bikes in Fort Collins and attempts to match them up with their owners.

Trips For Kids

Trips for kids provides mountain bike outings to underserved youth who might not have the opportunity otherwise.

Bikes for Ghana

Many of our excess of bikes are shipped overseas to help those in developing countries.


Art Department

Prepares graphics materials, signs, logos, and related materials.

BaRS (Bike Retrieval Squad)

Responds to public reports of lost and abandoned bikes to coordinate retrieval; works with Police Services in tracking found bikes and returning them to their owners.

COG (Community Outreach Group)

Our volunteer group that works to coordinate all requests for special events, event booths, donations of bikes, valet parking, and so much more.

Cycling Recyclers

With all of the bikes and parts that come through the Co-op, there are a lot of parts that are broken or junk. Somebody has to go through it all.

Fundraising and Grants

Co-ordinates public outreach seeking donations from the public, funding from foundations, and contracts with public agencies.

V.A.C (Volunteer Action Committee)

Recruitment, retention, and recognition of volunteers.