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Abandoned Bike Report

If you come across a bike that you believe has been lost or abandoned, we'll take care of it and get it back to its owner or back on the road. (Note: we don't have the authority to pick up a bike unless it's been in the same location for over 48 hours.)

  • If possible, please bring the bike by the Bike Co-op during open retail/shop hours. If not possible, please fill in the following form to the best of your ability. Click on the Send button when you have completed the form.
  • You will hear from us within one day of reporting the bike so we can set up a pick up time that works for both of us.
  • If you'd like us to come and pick up the bike, please ensure that it will still be there when we arrive by pulling the bike as close to your building or residence as possible.
  • If the bike is locked, please note what type of lock it is, U-Lock or cable, as we need different tools to remove each.
  • Abandoned bikes are cross checked with police reports of stolen bikes, held for at least 30 days at our shop, advertised on the city's website, then released into one of our programs that help community members attain reliable transportation.

Thank you for helping keep bikes out of the landfill and getting them back on the road!


Name: Address:


Location of bike at the above address:


Brand: Model: Color:

Is it locked? Yes No If locked, what type of lock?

How many days has the bike been in it's current location?

The following question may seem strange, but we are trying to deflect bots.
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Questions should be emailed to the Bike Retrieval Squad (BARS) Coordinator at