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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trade these parts for those parts?

No, but you're welcome to donate your parts, and buy other used parts at great prices.

Do you want my 1978 Schwinn varsity/1983 stingray/old busted/rusted solid Bike?

Yes, we take all donations bike related. Worst case we will send it to recycled bike heaven.

What are the volunteers at the co-op up to these days?

Take a look at all of our programs.

How do I volunteer?

Easy, volunteers info here.

When is the co-op open?

See the shop hours.

Where do I take Donations?

See the Donation Information Page

Where is the co-op?

Check out the location page.

How do I get off the volunteer mailing list?

You just need to send an email to with the subject "Un-subscribe"

How do I get on the volunteer mailing list?

First head over to the Volunteers page and fill out the volunteer form. If you've done that but you still don't receive the emails then you can send an email to with the subject "Subscribe"

Where's the wiki?

Here's the wiki

Can I get High resolution Co-op logo files?

Sure they're over here.